Tucked away in Thamrin Residence apartment building, Mélati Bakehouse dispenses tranquil ambiance and an array of freshly baked goods that feel like home. Read more >>


Mélati Bakehouse is a second home in the heart of the city for those seeking to recharge after a long day with their loved ones. Inspired by the owner’s extensive travels and past residences abroad, they champion the tradition of sharing the experience and discussion of their freshly baked breads and pastries with friends and family in the midst of a homey and warm interior with natural sunlight as their source of light. Read more >>


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Mélati Bakehouse is a hidden bakehouse at Thamrin Residence. We love how they designed the place, it’s classic yet so fancy. They offer variant of freshly baked goods such as croissant, scones, cookies, pies, and coffee. They only use local ingredients for baking and also aim to provide a global standard pastry. Definitely the right place for a huge bread fan ! Read more >>


Ketika saya diajak Yenny untuk mencoba Melati Bakehouse, tanpa pikir panjang saya langsung mengiyakan. Bukan apa apa, kebetulan saya penyuka segala roti dari mulai sourdough, roti tawar, pastry, danish dan sulit rasanya menahan keinginan untuk mencoba tempat baru yang menjual roti. Terlebih mendengar bahwa mereka memproduksi roti rotinya sendiri. Read more >>


When I saw the place from the photos on their IG account, I thought it’s very spacious. That’s why when Aline, Cindy, Ivan and I arrived at the place, I thought I was lost. Hahaha. Then, Aline said, “It is Melati. Look at the name on the door.” And I was like, “OMG! It’s so cute! I thought it’s like a big restaurant hahaha.” So we came and took photos. We talked to the owner and the marketing person. Turned out, they opened this bakehouse for people to enjoy their delicious pastries. And they delivered their pastries to hotels and coffee shops. Well, let me tell you a little bit about this place through my photos. Read more >>


With its classic British decor, Melati Bakehouse has a calm atmosphere that feels like home. Boleh dibilang, tempat hangout yang kayak gini cukup rare ditemuin di Jakarta. Yup, this is a bakehouse where we can find freshly homemade baked goods, from breads, sandwiches, to pastries. Read more >>


Deli Rye Baguette dari Mélati Bakehouse merupakan roti yang hanya mengandung 25% gluten karena menggunakan tepung rye sebagai bahan utamanya. Harina juga menggunakan biji flaxseed dalam baguette-nya sebagai tambahan Omega 6.

“Mengonsumsi roti sourdough tentunya lebih sehat dan dapat membantu mengontrol gula darah, sepertibaguette ini yang cocok untuk orang-orang yang tidak bisa mengonsumsi gluten, namun tetap bisa mendapatkan nutrisi lebih karena saya tambahkan flaxseed di dalamnya,” Harina menjelaskan. Read more >>