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About us

We are extremely proud to introduce to you our new bakery concept of glorifying the original aspects of a traditional bakery in an ethical way since September 2016. As a brand, we carefully source and strictly select our ingredients to produce the highest quality and healthiest baked goods. Our mission is to inspire and educate real baking in every customer for every baked good.


Mélati Bakehouse is named after the district of the location of our main retail and kitchen, “Kebon Melati”. Our logo is inspired by the shape of the wheat stalk transformed into an “M”  – a wheat stalk is widely used to produce flour, the main ingredient of all our products.


Our retail is situated in the heart of Jakarta and is equipped with modern bakery kitchen facility to produce a wide range of sourdough breads and pastries based on traditional recipes. We are privileged to welcome an average of forty customers through our doors every week.